A new age of publishing is upon us.

Digital downloads.
      Print-on-demand technology.
            Kindles, iPads, Nooks, Tabs . . . .

These breathtaking technological advances have made the costs of bringing a book to market so inexpensive that nearly every traditional publishing model has been rendered obsolete.

The days of authors needing to rely on agents, major publishing houses, and expensive distributors for exposure are simply gone. Thankfully, so are the days of the petulant rights bargaining that have seen authors’ claims to their own work reduced to nearly nothing.

Today, authors have the ability to connect directly with their audience in ways never before imagined and with literally no barriers to getting their work into the public arena. Now being published is nothing more than writing a book and uploading it online.

Becoming a successful author still requires a great deal of talent. More importantly, though, and perhaps more than ever, it requires a well-conceived marketing strategy that leverages all of the powerful new tools at our disposal.

Upaya House understands this and our publishing model is simple.

We call it the 50-50 partnership plan.

Authors provide the talent.

We provide the strategy, know-how, and experience to give your books the maximum exposure for success. This means full use of the Upaya House imprint as well as review copies (galleys), an ISBN, an author web page/blog on our site, editing and jacket design, and fulfillment of finished print-on-demand copies. It also includes a full online marketing strategy, digital e-book generation, use of our lawyers for licensing deals, and much, much more.

And, as in any 50-50 partnership, all of the net profits are split 50-50.

It is a new age of publishing.

Upaya House says “Welcome.”

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