New in Fiction

Fables From The Mud

by Erik Quisling

At long last come the tales of perhaps the three greatest invertebrates who ever lived... Fables from the Mud compiles the triumphant accounts of three modern-day invertebrate heroes and their tireless quests for self-revelation. Read more...

The Platinum Loop

by Austin Williams

Gene Hoffman is flat broke and desparate to wash away the sins of his past. When he meets a low-rent hustler who promises an easy payday, Gene enters into into a scheme that looks like salvation. It quickly turns into a nightmare. Read more...

New in Nonfiction

The Clairvoyant Practitioner

by Tori Quisling

Engaging and acccessible, this how-to manual on the benefits of using psychic skills to tackle everyday problems contains ample lessons for novices and experts alike. Read more...

Miso Soup for the Soul

by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

A potent and tasty broth blending practical philosophy with timeless wisdom, this compact volume will nourish readers hungry for solutions to many of life's most vexing pardoxes. Read more...