Storytellers come in all ages, and itís never too early to nurture that creative impulse in children. Upaya Kids is a unique specialty imprint devoted to celebrating the literary talents of authors who may be too young to drive a car, but whose imaginations know no limits.

Upaya Kids grants youngsters a one of a kind opportunity to see the stories in their heads transferred to the printed page... to share their budding gifts with a wide readership... and to know the joy of full creative expression.

Children ages 15 and younger are invited to participate. Submissions should be a minimum of 200 words. There are no limitations on subject matter. Whether a personal recollection of some actual incident, a descriptive account of home life or schooldays, a fanciful work of fiction, or even a collection of poetry, all entries are welcome.

Two submissions will be selected annually for publication as stand-alone books, released in both print and digital editions. Each published title will be professionally edited and formatted, with junior authors receiving sole credit as creators of their work. Runner-up submissions will be posted on the Upaya Kids website, providing exposure to a broad range of worthy entries.

Each book released by Upaya Kids will receive the same distribution and promotional benefits of all titles published by Upaya House. Junior authors (via their parents or legal guardians) are entitled to the same share of royalties and subsidiary rights as all Upaya House authors. More information can be found on our FAQ page.

Please send your entries to submissions@upayahouse.com. Due to the number of submissions, Upaya Kids cannot offer written feedback to each entry, but all will be read and given equal consideration.

To the millions of young storytellers out there, we offer hearty encouragement. Start writing, let your imaginations run free, and, most important, have fun!